The ultimate clash between Lithuania and Estonia in ECSE

Timechasers have finished 2 (Winners League & Phoenix League) out of 3 leagues where their CS:GO squad was participating this season. That gave the team a chance to add more competition during free time between ESEA Main division games.

ECSE – Estonia Cybersport Event Open Contest 2020, sponsored by ForGamers and Betsafe, which gathered 32 teams, was the place where Timechasers tried themselves. Lithuanian organization also gained the privilege from organizers to stream their games for Lithuania and did 3 streams of Bo3 series on TimechasersTV Twitch channel.

Games Played

Timechasers squad’s first game was a free win, as the opponent team decided to surrender and put us instantly into Round of 16 against our fellow Lithuanian team – Creep Gaming. This team also had Timechasers ex-coach tooi on their side and consisted of some upcoming young talents of Lithuania’s CS:GO scene (tooi, ryu, tak, fierre, VaiNj). Timechasers played this game with a stand-in fylzas instead of prochas. The Bo3 series were quite intense and interesting to watch as opponents managed to win a map and put everyone to the decider map. Although, Timechasers were celebrating the victory and advanced to the next stage – Train 16:10, Inferno 17:19, Vertigo 16:13.

In Quarter-finals, Timechasers met the Estonian team – PUNAPEAD. This matchup was a bit easier, where Lithuanians managed to close series without losing a map – Nuke 16:10, Mirage 16:6. After that game, Timechasers met Russian team – mew for Semi-finals game. Series were also closed in favor of Timechasers and no map loss – Mirage 16:11, Nuke 16:7.

The Finals

On July 5th the finals of ECSE took place where Timechasers had to face currently the strongest team from Estonia – NoSurrenderGG. Both teams came to this tournament with a single option – to become the champions. Last month, both teams also had played against each other in the Winners League Main division, where NoSurrenderGG was victorious and managed to advance to playoffs, while Timechasers had to forget the hopes for playoffs. The series were very intense and close, as already the first map winner was clear only after the overtime. To see how close battle on Vertigo was, check the video from the stream:

In the overtime, Timechasers managed only to win 1 round and had to accept the loss with a score of 16:19. The second map was NoSurrenderGG pick – Train. Although, Lithuanians were feeling comfortable and calm which led them to close the game with a 16:8 scoreline. That meant both teams had to move into the decider map – Inferno. Again, the match was incredibly close, but NoSurrenderGG showed astounding performance and closed the map. 13:16 was the final score and the Estonian team celebrated becoming the first champions of ECSE.

Timechasers wants to thank all competitors for amazing games and ECSE organizers for quality streams and their effort towards this tournament!

Be sure to follow ECSE and wait for the next tournament hosted by those guys!