Povilas “node” Šidlovskis – new head coach for Timechasers

This week, we have a new coach working with a CS:GO squad. More context about our previous team management can be found here: Changes for CS:GO roster: new coach stepping in.

On 1st of June, Timechasers signed Povilas „node“ Šidlovskis for the main coach position. With node‘s arrival to the team, player positions changed drastically, which means, team is having a lot of practise sessions to get use to their new playstyle. The first game with node as a coach showed a great improvement, where Timechasers outplayed team LOCKDOWN in the Winners League Main division with the score of 16:3.

CS:GO roster is already halfway into the season, team managed to take 2nd position in Phoenix League Group A to secure a spot in playoffs, but the critical situation is in ESEA Main division. 5-5 Win/Lose record lowers Timechasers chances to reach the playoffs, as to do so, team must win 5 more games and to lose only 1. If there are going to be more losses, then everything will depend on other teams results. That‘s why we‘re going to talk with new coach about current situation and what cure will node going to use.


JP38: First of all, it‘s nice to have you in our team and see all the effort you‘re putting. What are your first impressions about the players after your first conversations together?

node: My first impressions about the players is that there is a huge potential in this squad and the results can be way better.

JP38: What were the key points for CS:GO team that not allowed it to fully show it‘s potential & how are you going to fix them?

node: I think, the key point, that we’re not showing our full potential, is that team lacks structure. When I came to the team, players had no roles assigned and everyone relayed purely on their firepower, which in my opinion made players inconsistent. Last week, I’ve been trying to imply the roles in the team, as well as more structured play, where teamwork is present.

JP38: You come to the Timechasers when we‘re in a mid-season and have some crucial situations in standings, for example in the ESEA league. Do you think we‘re still capable of reaching the ESEA Advanced division?

node: My motto is that positivity is a key to success, so everything is possible. Players are experienced enough to advance to the upper division in the ESEA and they are putting a lot of work into that.

JP38: What are your personal goals you want to achieve while coaching our CS:GO team?

node: Well, my goals are probably the same as every competitive CS:GO player goals are – to win every upcoming match. However, for the upcoming month, my goals would be to make our way to ESEA Advanced division and to show solid performance in Winners & Phoenix Leagues.

JP38: Where do you see Timechasers by the end of 2020?

node: It is hard to predict where Timechasers will be by the end of 2020, however, I do see us fighting for a spot in MDL division.

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