Player Spotlight: Tomas “prochas” Prochorenko

Before the new seasons begin, we introduce our second player to join Timechasers CS:GO roster. Meet the Tomas “prochas” Prochorenko, player who will compete in the upcoming Winners League EU Main division, ESEA EU Main division, and Phoenix League.


Name: Tomas Prochorenko

Nickname: prochas

Age: 20

CS hours in total: ~6700 hours

Playing CS for: 10+ years

Biggest Achievement: BESL.Pro League Season 5 2nd place

Past teams: alltheRAGE, Esi Pirmais, and other mixes..


What were the first impressions after joining the Timechasers? What seemed good and what you would change?

My first impression is quite good due to the fact that everyone in this organization is very much helpful, friendly, and willing to assist me in any case. In addition to that, the head of an organization is responsible and takes care of any ongoing issues.

What is your current role in the team?

Lūrker (baiter) (:

How did your reacted by getting the invitation to play for Timechasers? What were your goals before the invitation in CS:GO?

I was a bit surprised by this invitation, but at the same time, I was very excited, because this is the only Lithuanian esports organization with CSGO team. The main personal goal of mine is to always improve my game and practice.

Upcoming season you will play against really strong teams like Fate Esports for example. How do you think you and the team will handle these games? Do you think the current team is ready for games like these?

Based on my current impressions after the first joint game I can tell that every individual member of the team is strong and professional. This makes me believe that our team can be a strong competitor in any competition.

This season is like no other for Timechasers. 3 different European leagues against strong teams and many official matches per week. With such a busy schedule, do you think it will affect the team’s performance or is it okay?

Since this is my first year in this organization and I still have to know better my team, it is difficult to provide any straight answer to this question. I believe that our team is capable of holding the pressure of all this competition, but only the time will tell how much we’re capable of doing that.

Do you have any personal goals for yourself to achieve while playing with Timechasers?

To win as many competitions as possible.

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